About Us

Jiangsu Jinhui was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu in 1993, and formally registered as Jiangsu Jinhui Aluminum Sheet & Strip Co., Ltd. in 2003, when the 1850mm cold rolling mill was put into production. In 2013, the 2600mm ultra wide aluminum alloy precoating production line was completed and put into operation. In 2022, 6000 tons and 3600 tons alloy aluminum extrusion production lines were completed and put into operation.
Jiangsu Jinhui has been engaged in the aluminum industry for nearly 30 years, mainly producing and operating series 1, 3 and 5 aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet, strip and aluminum pattern plate.2600mm ultra wide pre roll coating products.6061 and 6063 aluminum alloy extrusion products.
Jiangsu Jinhui ultra wide precoating products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad, and are exported to Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.
The products of Jiangsu Jinhui are mainly used for the internal and external curtain walls and suspended ceilings of buildings, the interior decoration of rail transit car bodies, the transportation, logistics and truck body, and the body plates of travel caravans and camp cars. It is also an excellent supplier of aluminum plates and precoated aluminum plates for machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances and other fields.


Jiangsu Jinhui was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu in 1993

30 years

Engaged in aluminum industry for nearly 30 years

6000 ton

6000 ton and 3600 ton alloy aluminum extrusion production lines have been completed and put into operation




Rail transit industry

Mainly used for interior decoration of high-speed railway and urban rail car body


Logistics Transportation

It is mainly applied to the inner roof of refrigerated containers, the inner and outer panels of refrigerated van type trucks, and the inner and outer panels of recreational vehicles


Building Decoration

It is mainly used in internal and external aluminum curtain walls, aluminum magnesium manganese metal roofs, aluminum ceilings, curtain panels, and ceiling panels



Mainly used in keyboard, LCD backplane, cabinet and many other fields