The green mountains are still there, and the sunset is red a few times -- those beautiful poems with sunset


[Ming Dynasty] Yang Shen

The rolling Yangtze River has flowed eastward, and the waves have exhausted the heroes. Success or failure has turned my head empty. The green mountains are still there, and the sun has set red several times.

The white-haired fisherman is on the river, and he is used to watching the autumn moon and spring breeze. A pot of turbid wine meets happily. How many things in ancient and modern times are all joked about.



[Tang Dynasty] Li Shangyin

Xiang Wanyi felt uncomfortable and drove to the ancient plains.

The sunset is infinitely good, just near dusk.


Wuyi Lane

[Tang Dynasty] Liu Yuxi

The vermilion bridge is surrounded by weeds and flowers, and the sunset at the entrance of Wuyi Lane is slanting.

In the old days, Wang Xie used to fly into the homes of ordinary people.

Tianjingsha · Qiusi

[Yuan Dynasty] Ma Zhiyuan

Withered vines, old trees and crows, small bridges and flowing water. Ancient roads westerly wind and thin horses. The sun is setting in the west, and people with broken hearts are at the end of the world.


Book River Pavilion Wall

[Song Dynasty] Kou Zhun

The shore is wide and the waves are slim, and I think about how long it is to rely on the threshold of danger alone.

Xiao Xiao is far away from the sparse trees, and half of the autumn mountains have the sunset.

Early summer

[Song Dynasty] Zhu Shuzhen

Bamboo shakes and shadows cover the secluded windows, and birds roar at sunset.

Xie but the begonias are flying away, and the weather for sleepy people is beginning to grow.

Huanxi sand

[Song Dynasty] Yan Shu

A new song, a glass of wine, the weather last year, the old pavilion. When does the sun go down?

I have no choice but to lose my flowers, I seem to have known the return of Yan. The small garden is wandering alone.


On the lake

[Song Dynasty] Xu Yuanjie

The flowers bloom, the mangroves sing, and the grass grows in the flat lake and the egrets fly.

The wind and the sun are sunny and people are friendly, and the setting sun flutes and drums return a few boats.


Village dwelling

[Song Dynasty] Zhang Shunmin

The water wraps around the pi field and the bamboo wraps around the fence, and the elm coins fall away and the flowers are sparse.

The setting sun has no one lying on the back of the bull, and it brings jackdaws back in two.

Homesickness outside the river

[Tang Dynasty] Weizhuang

Every year in spring, a foreign land is sad, and Du Qu Huangying can know it.

On the bank of the sunset river, there is a trace of broken-hearted smoke willows.



[Tang Dynasty] Li Zhong

Before the shadow sank into the mountains and rivers, his face was red, and the rain in the distant sky was over to promote Zhenghong.

The soul pin does not look back, and it is idle in the Huaihua Post Road.



[Tang Dynasty] Han

In front of the flowers, I shed tears and faced cold food, and when I was drunk, I turned back and asked the sunset.

No matter how old Acacia is, it is easy for the court to go down the Western Wall.


Partridge day

[Song Dynasty] Yan Jidao

Drunk patted spring clothes and cherished the old fragrance. The sky will be parted, angry, and wild. Every year, autumn grass grows on the stranger, and every day the sun sets in the building.

The clouds are small, the water is vast. The way to recruit people is long. Acacia is not based on words, so don't cry on flower notes.


Picking mulberry seeds

[Five Dynasties] Feng Yansi

I lost my spring companion in front of the flowers, and I was looking for beauty alone. My eyes are full of sadness. Even if there is a song, my heart is broken.

In the forest, the swallows play with butterflies and curtains, each in pairs. Forbear to think more, the green trees and moss are half sunset.

Selling Flowers · Title Yueyang Building

[Song Dynasty] Zhang Shunmin

Junshan under the leaves of wood. Empty water is long. I pour wine very much to collect my beauty. It is not a visit to the west of Weicheng, and I will sing Yangguan.

Drunk sleeves caress the dangerous bar. The sky is pale and cloudy. Who can survive this road. Looking back at the red end of the sunset, it should be Chang'an.

Dingfeng · Twilight Spring

[Song Dynasty] Xin Qiji

In a few days, spring is like wine, and flowers are arranged and horses are drunk for a thousand hours. When I grow old, I am like sick wine in spring, but there is only a small curtain of tea and cauldron incense seals.

The wind is still undecided, I hate it, the flowers bloom and Yuan wants the spring breeze. I wonder who can see the spring? Feiyan, when you come, meet in the sunset.


Lingshang meets those who have been away for a long time

[Tang Dynasty] Quan De Yu

After ten years of parting, we met here on the road.

Where does the horse head go? The setting sun is thousands of peaks.

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